What is Axe Throwing?

If you haven’t heard about axe throwing, we’re sorry!  You’re missing out on the coolest thing since sliced bread.  Think darts mixed with bowling but you’re actually Mel Gibson in the Patriot and the darts are actually hatchets.  What could be more fun than hurling an axe down range to score points against your friends? Beats the hell out of cornhole and ring toss. Yawnnnn…

The OBJECT is to throw a small axe (hatchet) down a designated lane into a wooden target.  Points are scored based on sticking the axe into the painted rings on the target board. Bullseye is the most points.  The outer rings count for fewer points. Sixty percent of the time it works every time. Everything is SUPERVISED and you have a coach to show you how it’s done.  We promise it’s safer than it sounds. Once you get the basic throwing technique down, you will be ready to COMPETE with your friends in one-on-one matches or group style games.  You’re going to have a good time. Call us today to book your private party or company event.

Mobile Division

Axe Throwing PArty Trailer

Upcoming Events 2019

2/2 Private Party

2/3 Southern Roots Superbowl Party 12-4pm

2/3 Bay Street Biergarten Superbowl Party 4-halftime

2/5 Frothy Beard Brewing 5-9pm

2/6 Commonhouse Aleworks 5:30-9:30

2/6 Private Party

2/7 Palmetto Brewing 5-9pm

2/12 Frothy Beard Brewing 5:00-9pm

2/13 Commonhouse Brewing 5:30-9:30pm

2/14 Palmetto Brewing Valentines Party 5-9pm

2/15 Private Party

2/16 Bacon and Bourbon – Convention Center 

2/18 Frothy Beard Brewing     5-9pm

2/19 Commonhouse Ale Works 5:30-9:30pm

2/20 Palmetto Brewing 5-9pm

2/22 Fuyu Fusion James Island Concert featuring Ben Fagan

2/26 Private Party

2/26 Frothy Beard Brewing     5-9pm

2/27 Commonhouse Ale Works 5:30-9:30pm

2/28 Palmetto Brewing 5-9pm





Coming Soon to Charleston, SC.

Our brick and mortar facility will have multiple throwing lanes with occupancy from 50-100 people. Great for large groups, company outings, or date night!

private events

Hosting a party? Oyster Roast? Birthday Party?  Xmas Party? Company Outings? Engagement Party?

Our Mobile Division will come to you!  



1 Targets (smaller groups) $600

2 Targets (med sized groups) $1000

3 Targets (larger groups) $1400


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